Jhonen vasquez just tore this guy a new asshole on his facebook for getting shady with him. He never responds to anyone commenting on his facebook, but recently hes been responding to some negative comments. Here’s why I think thats a bad idea: If you only respond to people who are leaving shady comments and talking shit about you and you ignore all of the good comments it reinforces the bad comments. People will see that the bad stuff has gotten a reaction out of you so they wont hesitate to get shady with you in the future because they know its the only way you’ll pay them attention. I wish more popular artists understood that. I spoke about this with Aaron Alexovich once over twitter after he publicly responded to someone’s bad review of his comic. If I recall correctly he said its just fun for him to make a joke out of it, which I totally get, It’s hilarious when they call out these assholes who are talking shit about them so if they’re just doing it for fun’s sake then its totally justified I get it, but if they’re genuinely aggravated by the shit talk and they want it to stop then they need to ignore these people. Or at least try to publicly respond to more positivity to reinforce that. Or if you don’t care then do whatever you want.

No matter who you are or what you do, if you’re only publicly responding to the negativity its not sending a good message to the public. My advice is to remain unbothered and let those peasant bitches suffer waiting an eternity for a response they’ll never get.